• MCC Panel Manufacturers In Chennai

MCC Panel Manufacturers In Chennai

MCC Panel Manufacturers in Chennai

We are leading MCC Panel Manufacturers in Chennai. We provide quality products and services to our clients.

MCC Panel Manufacturers in Chennai – Electro Power System, We are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of MCC Panel that are made of quality raw material and are very well-built in construction. These are used in diverse industrial applications and successfully installed in various industries in Chennai.

MCC for the Distribution of Power to inside of the Plant. The MCC Panels are available in non draw-out type as well as in draw-out type. The Ratings are from 100 Amps to 6300 Amps. They are manufactured as client’s specifications, meeting all the industry Norms and Regulations. These panels are designed keeping reliability Innovation and highest controllability as prime factors.

Optimum Quality Motor Control Center (MCC) Panel

Due to our long experience and understanding for the requirement of industries, we have been able to offer our Industrial customers with excellent solutions of MCC Panel Board. All these panel boards are manufactured under the supervision experts using optimum quality material and advanced technology. The raw material used in manufacturing our products is procured from trusted and authentic vendors of the market.

Our Valuable Clients

Motor Control Centres (MCC) are simply a group of combination starters in one assembly. A combination starter is a single enclosure containing the Motor Starter, Fuses or Circuit Breaker, and a Device for Disconnecting Power. Other devices associated with the motor, such as pushbuttons and indicator lights, may also be included.

MCCs provide the most suitable method for grouping electrical motor control, automation and power distribution in a compact economical package. Essentially they are an assembly to control electrical motors.

Electro Power System is known for manufacturing and supplying precision engineered Industrial MCC Panels. We don’t compromise anything below perfection. We design and manufacture MCCs that have the capacity to feed larger loads, designed as per clients’ specifications and complying to international standards.

MCC Panels: Powering Progress, Controlling Future

At Electro Power System, we have designed and manufactured LV MCCs for over 20 years with the following objectives:

  • To achieve the greatest possible flexibility, the motor control centersthat we offer can be manufactured in different variants capacity of up to 4000A horizontal and 1600A vertical bus.
  • To provide the users with premium quality and services by designing the MCCs with the highest degree of safety, ease of installation and maintenance, reliability as well as flexibility.

Different Types of MCC Panels

We also use different types of solid-state motor controllers, analog/digital metering, feeder, fuse dis-connectors, breakers, and other switchgear components while designing the MCC.

Variants of MCC Panels

  • Non-Compartmentalised.
  • Withdraw able / Removable.
  • Intelligent MCC.

With rich industrial experience, we manufacture and supply a large assortment of MCC Control Panels, which are available with high degree of perfection as well as performance in the market. These are used to control and regulate the flow of electricity and we offer them at most competitive prices to the clients. Further, our panels are manufactured using state-of-art technology and modern machines and these are designed.

Advantage of MCC Electrical Panel

  • Centralized control:The MCC panel enables centralized control of all the motors and associated equipment in an industrial plant or building. This centralized control makes it easy to monitor and manage the motors, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Improved safety:The MCC panel is designed to enhance safety in industrial facilities. It provides circuit protection, which reduces the risk of electrical fires and protects workers from electrical shock.
  • Space-saving:The MCC panel is designed to take up minimal space in an industrial facility. This compact design makes it easy to install and maintain.
  • Flexibility:The MCC panel can be customized to meet the specific needs of an industrial facility. This flexibility ensures that the panel can be adapted to suit different applications, making it a versatile solution.

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An MCC Panel, or Motor Control Center Panel, is an assembly of one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus and principally containing motor control units.

The primary purpose of an MCC Panel is to control and manage the operation of electric motors in industrial and commercial settings. It provides a centralized location for motor starters, drives, and associated control equipment.

MCC Panels typically include motor starters, variable frequency drives (VFDs), overload relays, circuit breakers, control transformers, and communication interfaces. These components work together to control and protect electric motors.

MCC Panels are used in industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and commercial buildings to control and distribute power to electric motors. They are commonly found in applications where multiple motors need centralized control.

MCC Panels incorporate safety features such as overload protection, short-circuit protection, and emergency stops. They are designed to ensure the safety of both the electrical system and personnel working with or around the motors.

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