• PCC Panel Manufacturers in Chennai

PCC Panel Manufacturers in Chennai

PCC Panel Manufacturers in Chennai

We are the leading PCC Panel Manufacturers in Chennai, providing Electro power System solutions for a wide range of industries.

PCC Panel Manufacturers in Chennai – Electro Power System is the best PCC Panel in Chennai. What makes us special is the way we treat our clients. We listen to them and understand what they need. Then, we make a panel that fits their needs. We have a skilled team that works with our clients to do this. Unlike other manufacturers that use the same method of catering to all types of clients we have a varied approach when it comes to variant clients hence we make sure to choose our workforce very precisely.

Our work as the most premium PCC Panel Manufacturers in Chennai is not just in our city. We also send our panels to other places. Our panels meet the rules and quality that other companies want. This makes us a good choice for people in different parts in Chennai. Hence if you are a company outside Chennai looking for the most affordable and quality electrical panels then we are here to serve you well.

Just give us a call +91 96000 38346 and one of our executives will attend to your needs.

Salient Features of PCC Panel

We as the most durable PCC Panel exporters and suppliers in Chennai. As a result, we manufacture all our panels and pass many checks before we send them out. This makes sure that the panels are safe and do their job well. Not just make the panels; we also make sure they reach our clients fast and safely. We have a good system to manage this. No matter where our clients are, they can count on us to get their orders on time.

Some Salient Features are us below:-

  • PCC panels are offered with single, multiple incomers, bus couplers electro/mechanical interlocking.
  • Over Load, Short Circuit, Earth Fault Protection, fault indications can be provided
  • Audio / Visual Annunciation upon Failure is an option
  • PLC Based, Sequential Start/Stop, Interlocking, Remote Control and Monitoring can be provided.
  • Design flexibility is incorporated to the optimal level
  • AMF, APFC, Synchronization, MCC etc can be incorporated hybrid into the PCC panel.
  • Can be designed and fabricated into all shapes and sizes as the site conditions demand.

Our Valuable Clients

PCC Panel (Power Control Centre) in Chennai

A PCC Panel Also Operate like Electrical Power Distribution Panel is a module in an energy supply system that divides an electrical power input into subsidiary circuits while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure. The primary goal of this panel is to not only properly distribute incoming power, but also to protect the subsidiary circuits from overload and short circuits, We are the Reputed Manufacturer in Chennai.

Application Protection and Control Power Distribution System.
AC Rating Volts:  0 – 500V
AC Rating Amps: 100 – 4000A.( Based on customer’s requirement.).
AC Rating Frequency:   50Hz.
Rated Insulated Voltage: 690V.

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An MV Panel, or Medium Voltage Panel, is an electrical distribution panel designed to handle medium voltage levels, typically ranging from 1 kV to 36 kV. It is used for distributing electrical power in industrial, commercial, and utility settings.

The primary purpose of an MV Panel is to distribute electrical power from the source to various electrical loads. It serves as a central point for controlling, protecting, and isolating medium voltage electrical equipment.

MV Panels typically include components such as circuit breakers, switchgear, busbars, relays, and protection devices. These elements work together to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of electrical power.

The main types of MV Panels include metal-enclosed MV Panels, metal-clad MV Panels, and outdoor MV Panels. Each type is designed for specific applications and environmental conditions.

MV Panels are used in various applications, including industrial plants for powering machines and equipment, commercial buildings for centralized power distribution, and utility substations for distributing power to the grid.

MV Panels incorporate safety features such as interlocks to prevent unsafe operations and arc flash protection to minimize the impact of arc flash incidents. These features enhance the overall safety of the electrical system.

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