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Searching for a well-reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Solar Plant Panel in Chennai? Electro Power System is the best choice.

We are leading manufacturers / assemblers of all types of power-panels needed by various electrically operated equipments and machines. We had the team of the ace professionals to carry out these activities. We also Offer the maintenance services 24 hours round the clock, being carried out by team of trained people. The customers confidence in us being justified by the repeat orders placed on us.

Solar Plant Panel in Chennai

What is A Solar Plant Panel

Solar energy is generated by the sun. Solar panels, commonly referred to as “PV panels,” are devices that utilise the sun’s light, which is made up of tiny energy particles known as “photons,” to create electricity that may be used to run electrical appliances.

In addition to producing electricity for household and commercial solar electric systems, solar panels can also be used for a wide range of other purposes, such as remote power systems for cabins, telecommunications equipment, remote sensing, and many others.

How is solar panel work?

Solar panels capture sunlight, a source of clean, renewable energy, and turn it into electricity, which is then utilised to power electrical loads. Multiple individual solar cells make up solar panels, and each solar cell is made of layers of silicon, phosphorous (which generates the negative charge), and boron (which provides the positive charge). By absorbing the photons, solar panels start an electric current.

Advantages of Solar Panels

It is highly practical to generate electricity for many uses by using solar panels. Off-grid living would have to be the logical choice. Off-grid living entails residing somewhere that is not connected to the main electric utility grid. Solar power systems are a great asset for cabins and homes in remote areas. Electric utility pole and cable installation from the closest main grid access point no longer requires exorbitant costs. If properly maintained, a solar electric system can potentially be less expensive and provide power for up to three decades.

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