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MV Panel Manufacturers in Chennai – One of Chennai’s top MV Panel manufacturer an unique collection of Medial Voltage Panels from Electro Power System.

Electro Power System  are leading manufacturers / assemblers of all types of power-panels needed by various electrically operated equipments and machines. We had the team of the ace professionals to carry out these activities.

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A VFD, short for variable frequency drive, is a kind of a motor control electrical device for starting and regulatory an AC inductive motor and its speed with varying frequency (Hz) and voltage.


Electro Power System  is a full service provider of AC drive VFD Packaged Solutions. We can build your VFD according to your needs and specifications; from fractional Horsepower to large 1000+ Horsepower motors.

(IOT) Application For VFD Control Systems

Electro Power System   Smart Series VFD can assimilate with any existing Industrial IOT platform or you can leverage our IOT platform built on the power of Amazon’s AWS cloud architecture. The Induct Labs IOT platform enables distant processes support so you can start / stop, increase or decrease speed, or setup announcements for motor disappointments or any other system malfunction.

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Quality Switchgear From Us

Safety of the operators is our top priority. My cubicles are extremely durable and made of high-quality materials. We’ve perfected our medium voltage cubicles over the years so that it’s not only safer, it’s also user-friendly. Our mechanical drives are easy to handle and visual feedback is available through a synoptic diagram on the medium voltage cubicle itself. Moreover, each compartment of the switchgear is enclosed to prevent the spread of the internal arc. The medium voltage cubicles of Electro Power system are certified with open doors. Safe to say, if quality is what you are looking for right partner.

Components of MV Panel

Circuit Breakers – MV Panels incorporate circuit breakers to interrupt or disconnect the electrical circuit in case of overloads, faults, or other emergencies.

Switchgear – These panels often include switchgear for control, protection, and isolation of electrical equipment.

Busbars – MV Panels use busbars to efficiently distribute the electrical power within the panel.

Relays and Protection Devices – To monitor and protect the system from faults, MV Panels are equipped with relays and other protection devices.

Medium-voltage switchgear

Be it energy supply corporations, industry or power stations, any owner or user of primary distribution systems for medium voltage places high demands on the switchgear. These include reliable technology, ease of operation and economy. With our complete range of circuit breaker and switchgear systems for medium-voltage, Siemens sets the standards when it comes to reliable and efficient solutions.

Types of MV Panels

Metal Enclosed MV Panels: These panels are enclosed in metal for safety and often used in indoor applications.

Metal Clad MV Panels: Similar to metal-enclosed panels, but the equipment is compartmentalized for added safety and ease of maintenance.

Outdoor MV Panels: Designed to withstand environmental conditions, these panels are suitable for outdoor installations.

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An MV Panel, or Medium Voltage Panel, is an electrical distribution panel designed to handle medium voltage levels, typically ranging from 1 kV to 36 kV. It is used for distributing electrical power in industrial, commercial, and utility settings.

The primary purpose of an MV Panel is to distribute electrical power from the source to various electrical loads. It serves as a central point for controlling, protecting, and isolating medium voltage electrical equipment.

MV Panels typically include components such as circuit breakers, switchgear, busbars, relays, and protection devices. These elements work together to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of electrical power.

The main types of MV Panels include metal-enclosed MV Panels, metal-clad MV Panels, and outdoor MV Panels. Each type is designed for specific applications and environmental conditions.

MV Panels are used in various applications, including industrial plants for powering machines and equipment, commercial buildings for centralized power distribution, and utility substations for distributing power to the grid.

MV Panels incorporate safety features such as interlocks to prevent unsafe operations and arc flash protection to minimize the impact of arc flash incidents. These features enhance the overall safety of the electrical system.

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