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Distribution Panel Manufacturers in Chennai -We are the best main panel in Chennai with enormous experience in this domain. For more information contact us or call +91 9600038346.

Electro Power System  are leading manufacturers / assemblers of all types of power-panels needed by various electrically operated equipments and machines. We had the team of the ace professionals to carry out these activities.

Main Distribution Panel in Chennai

What is Main Distribution Panel

The main panel is the breaker panel that handles your home’s initial energy connection. It can assist safeguard both you and your equipment from harm and is the first line of defence against electrical surges. Since it connects directly to the supply of your power provider, the main panel, also known as the service entrance panel, is the location where you can disconnect your home from the grid. Sub-panels refer to all other panels besides the main one.

In almost every house or business office building, a distribution panel is present. Simply put, a distribution panel is the location where a large area, such as a live event, warehouse, or office building, controls its primary electricity source.

How a Distribution Panel Works

A nearby power plant in your community usually produces electricity. After being manufactured, it is transmitted into the main power system that supplies electricity to the entire city. Of course, as long as you are responsible and pay your electricity costs, your building has the benefit of being connected to the main grid.

Additionally, just like the metropolis, your building needs to have its own electrical grid. In any other case, managing how your electricity is used would be impossible. The use of a distribution panel is then necessary in this situation. It is simple to regulate the electricity flow for an entire home by employing one main circuit that divides into multiple smaller circuits.

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