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CNC Turret Punch Job Work in Chennai

We are a well-established company in Chennai in the field of CNC Turret Punch Job Work. For any questions contact us.

Electro Power System  are leading manufacturers / assemblers of all types of power-panels needed by various electrically operated equipments and machines. We had the team of the ace professionals to carry out these activities.
We also Offer the maintenance services 24 hours round the clock, being carried out by team of trained people. The customers confidence in us being justified by the repeat orders placed on us.

CNC Turret Punch Job Work in Chennai

CNC Turret Punch Work in Chennai

A turret punch is a type of press punch used to shape massive blanks of metal to produce metal pieces. Two turrets, one below the blank and one above it, act as a die and punch in order for the machine to work. To punch the shapes from the metal, they move in unison.

What is CNC Punching?

Punching that is computer numerically controlled is known as CNC punching. This sheet of metal is used frequently in production. Easily imprint forms into metal with a CNC sheet metal punch. CNC punch presses are electromechanical machines that move tools and produce patterns by using inputs from a software file. One head and tool rail or a multi-tool turret is both options for these machines.

‍How does a Turret Job Work in Chennai

The preferred method for punching holes in paper for almost 75 years has been the turret punch press. For quickly processing low-quantity goods, the punch press has typically outperformed the typical stamping press. By enabling speedier setup times, laser cutting technology has decreased the requirement for punches and dies since it was introduced 20 years ago. Turret punch press producers have to come up with new products to maintain their market dominance.

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