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Windmill Panel in Chennai

Windmill Panel in Chennai

Wind turbines use the wind, a free, abundant, and clean renewable energy source, to produce electricity. How a Wind Turbine Works interactive animation is available in text form on this page.

How a Wind Turbine Works

The rotor blades of a wind turbine, which function similarly to an aeroplane wing or a helicopter rotor blade, convert wind energy into electricity using aerodynamic force. The air pressure on one side of the blade falls as wind passes across it. Both lift and drag are produced by the different air pressure on the blade’s two sides. The rotor spins because the force of the lift is greater than the force of the drag.

How a Wind Plant Works

Wind power plants use a number of wind turbines positioned together to generate electricity. A wind power plant’s location is influenced by a variety of elements, including the wind speed and direction, the topography of the area, the availability of electric transmission, and other siting concerns. Each turbine at a utility-scale wind farm produces electricity that flows to a substation, where it is transferred to the grid and used to power our communities.

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